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This is what I believe

Posted: March 15, 2012

A list of my "this I believe" statements written about life.

The other day I watched a TED talks video that really caught my attention. TED is a nonprofit devoted to the cultivation of ideas and it contains some of the most inspirational speeches I’ve ever seen.

The video I watched was a presentation given by author Simon Sinek. Simon talks about the importance of explaining “why” whether as a person, a product, or a company. The reason is deep down people want to know what your purpose is. Even more so, they want to know your beliefs driving that purpose.

The video got me thinking… What beliefs lay the foundation of MY actions?

This is what I came up with:

  • I believe empowering people empowers the world
  • I believe every person born should have the same opportunity for success
  • I believe you cannot teach to those who are not seeking to learn
  • I believe the end never justifies the means. In the end we will all face death and at that time all we are allowed to carry with us is the means to which we lived.
  • I believe we should spend more time outdoors
  • I believe in teaching “why” before teaching “how”
  • I believe a deep understanding of science and spirituality leads to a deep appreciation for creativity and the arts
  • I believe people should work to live, and not live to work
  • I believe in being open minded
  • I believe a government should not hide behind politics
  • I believe every voice should be heard
  • I believe I will never outgrow Nerf guns
  • I believe if M-theory is proved it can go a long way in answering the question: Why are we here?
  • I believe in celebrating innovation
  • I believe some of the most heinous crimes in history were performed by people too scared to simply say “no” to a superior
  • I believe in a fair economy
  • I believe everyone deserves laughter in their lives
  • I believe safety can never be achieved through violence
  • I believe all the money in the world doesn’t equal the importance of a single person
  • I believe the Big Bang and Creation tell two different perspectives of the same story
  • I believe in educating myself over judging others
  • I believe women are nearly impossible to understand
  • I believe no one on this earth has the ability to throw the first stone
  • I believe Albert Einstein’s brilliance spans much further than physics
  • I believe societal freedom can only be obtained through open information
  • I believe personal freedom can only be obtained through the control of ones emotions
  • I believe in leading by example
  • I believe in God

What do you believe?

About the Author – Brian Rogel

Co-Founder of Helping the Underprivileged Grow, Actor/Producer for Joey's Town TV Show, and freelance writer. Google+

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