How To Fix The Economy

Income Disparity Sparked by Low Top Marginal Tax Rates

The capital gains tax and income inequality chart. *Click to Enlarge*Background Chart: Source • Capital Gains Data: Source

The chart above is a graphical representation of United States income disparity throughout history. It clearly shows the two spikes in disparity which led to the two worst economic times the United States has ever faced. In 1928 the disparity grew to a level that unbalanced the economy and pulled money away from the working class. By 1929 the Great Depression had begun. The depression didn’t end until the early 1940’s when the disparity dropped to a stabilizing level. Large drops in top marginal tax rates led to these two extreme spikes in income disparity. Top marginal tax rates in the United States from 1916 to 2010. Chart: Source Over the last 100 years we’ve had two major troughs occur in our top marginal rates. These troughs were the only periods in the history of the United States where the top marginal capital gains tax rate was dropped below 20%. The first led to the great depression, and the second has lead to our current great recession. Presently the top marginal capital gains tax rate sits at 15%.
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How To Fix The Economy

Economic Problems

1) Income Inequality Influences the US Personal Savings Rate
2) Income Disparity Sparked by Low Top Marginal Tax Rates
3) Unequal Distribution of Wealth
4) Tax Breaks and Tax Loopholes for the Rich
5) Low Capital Gains Tax Rates Cause Investment Bubbles
6) Great Depression VS Great Recession
7) The Job Creators Myth Debunked
8) Government Spending and the National Debt

Economic Solutions

1) How To Fix Income Inequality
2) Restructuring is Needed to Stop Government Overspending
3) Use Taxes for Economic Recovery


This is America


List of Economic Resources


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