Nonprofit Internet Marketing Strategies

At any given moment thousands of people are actively searching for what you provide. The question is: can they find you? Internet marketing is revolutionizing the way business is done. Marketing and Public Relations are merging together, and relationship building has become a crucial foundation for successful organizations.

Website Conversion Marketing

Have you ever visited a gorgeous website, but left after getting frustrated with not finding what you wanted? There’s only a few seconds to capture attention and link to important content before people move on, and lost conversions equal lost donations.

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Search Engine Marketing

If you search Google for your industry, where does your company appear? Are you even on the first page? Search engines use complex algorithms to determine rankings, and specific techniques can be implemented to help move you up the list.

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Social Media Marketing

Good or bad, people are going to talk about your organization online. You need a voice to represent your organization in order to turn your current customers into repeat customers.

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See Our: Nonprofit Social Media Resources

Event Marketing

See Our: Charity Events

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